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I agree and understand that any training provided by Tactical Guard Force  will only be paid if I perform my services of security guard for 2 months on assigned location (where I received my training). If I fail to perform (for example: I dont learn properly or Im unable to follow the company protocols or my trainner feels im not fit for this job or I dont compelete my training) or start my services on that assigned location I will not be paid for the training period.



If any kind of equipment is given to operate or use during tour of duty or work, it is security personal's responsibility to handle it with safety and care. In an event whereby equipment broke by security personal during his/her tour of duty or work, he/she will be held responsible to pay the cost of the equipment. Tactical Guard Force reserves the right to deduct the equipment cost from his/her payment in order to cover the loss. If the equipment is found broken/damaged after security personal’s tour of duty but prior the start of next shift then he/she will be held responsible for damage if not reported to the supervisor. If security personal feels that it is not been done by him/her and he/she is not responsible for the loss, Tactical Guard Force will conduct investigation and will take action appropriately and will take decision which will be accepted by security personal.

If security personal notices that equipment is broken prior his/her use, call Tactical Guard Force supervisor and update him about it as soon as possible but if he/she calls to update 15 min after start of his/her work/duty it will be considered as equipment was broken by him/her. It is responsibility of every security personal to check number of keys, flash lights, RFID devices when taking charge of shift from other security personal and report to Tactical Guard Force ASAP to avoid any penalty.

Prices of some basic security equipments are given below.

  • RFID Guard tour system scanner = $380.00 each

  • Security Magnetic Sign: $85.00 each

  • Flash Light or Emergency Vehicle Strobe Light: $60.00 each



I hereby agrees to provide Tactical Guard Force administration with 2 weeks of written notice if I plan to quit or take leave from Tactical Guard Force. It is not sure that employee who applies for leave will get leave for desired time if it is busy or in public holidays. Employee taking sick leave even for 1 day or more days should present doctor’s note within 7 days which states that person is/was sick on that day or on those days and that document should state doctors name, address and contact details. If employee  fails to provide doctor’s note within 7 days will be considered as he/she has quit from work without notice and penalty of $1,000.00 will be deducted from his/her payment. If employee  takes schedule or agrees to perform his/her services and doesn't show up at work it will be considered as no-show which means as quit without notice and penalty of $1,000.00 will be deducted from his/her payment. If employees remaining payment is less than $1,000.00 to be paid or no payment is remaining to be paid in that event Tactical Guard Force could take legal action to recover $1,000.00 penalty from that employee.



The work hours shall be calculated on the basis of the security personal’s recorded calls from specified pay phones of each site or on site phones to Tactical Guard Force Call Centre and where RFID Guard Tour System is installed, First call + RFID scan is necessary for start of shift and at time of the first call made shall be considered the time that security guard arrived at site for duty and where RFID guard tour system is installed first scan after first call shall be considered as the time that security guard  arrived at site for duty and the time of the last call shall be considered to be time that security guard  left his duty and where RFID guard tour system is installed last scan of RFID + last call shall be considered to be time that security guard  left his duty. Tactical Guard Force will pay the security guard for the eating period at the same hourly rate as the security guard earns at the contract he is working at and the security guard agrees in consideration of this payment that they will not leave the site unattended to purchase food but will bring their dinner before the start of their duty time and eat it on site.

Payment will be given on semi monthly basis, 1st and 16th of every month next to the period after work period (for example, if the work falls in the period from January 01, 2016 until January 15, 2016, payment will be given on period starting from February 01, 2016).

Payment will be given through Direct Deposit (void cheque or banking information required) or Interact Money e-Transfer.



Tactical Guard Force (hereinafter called Tactical Guard Force) is in the business of providing security guard services to third parties (Clients). Tactical Guard Force cannot offer or guarantee any employee steady shifts or steady days but is constantly changing different sites and different shifts for the following reasons: The Client of Tactical Guard Force determine the length of time services are required, the shifts and hours of service and the type and calibre of guards required to perform the service. Clients have preferences which Tactical Guard Force must respect or lose its contract with its clients. One of Tactical Guard Force policies is to rotate security personals to different sites to avoid guards becoming too entrenched at a particular site. Tactical Guard Force is continually rotating the shift times and job locations as it deems necessary due to many factors including but not limited to pleasing the clients, taking direction from the clients, increases or decreases in the contracted hours and to avoid entrenchment of security personals at sites. A refusal by an employee to work their rescheduled shift of location shall be considered as quitting without notice and Tactical Guard Force will issue the appropriate Employment separation noting that the employee  quit and penalty of quit without notice.



Tactical Guard Force primary business is to protect property and business on the off hours. Tactical Guard Force needs its security officers the most to work the afternoon, nights and weekends and on Public Holidays. Since it is a requirement to work with/for Tactical Guard Force that the security personal will work on Public Holidays when scheduled or requested to do so.



I hereby agree that I am available to perform my services anywhere in GTA and is not restricted to one place only. Where ever and whenever Tactical Guard Force requires coverage my responsibility will be to cover that place within GTA area.



I hereby agree that it is my responsibility to wear Tactical Guard Force Protection Services uniform while performing security guard services at Tactical Guard Force clients locations/sites. I am responsible to pay for my uniform to Tactical Guard Force. I authorize Tactical Guard Force protection Services to deduct payments of my uniform from my pay/payment. Tactical Guard Force takes small amounts deductions form pay/payment depending on how much uniform individual has take from Tactical Guard Force. Tactical Guard Force have policy to refund the whole amount of uniform to that person who works Full-Time with Tactical Guard Force for 2 years.


Uniform Cost is as under:

Shirt + Vest - $300.00

Pants - $45.00

Sweater - $56.50

Security Jacket - $152.55

Security Blazer Coat - $135.60



Tactical Guard Force has provided its cell phone for only purpose to be used for taking pictures of empty out-going trailers and send it to Tactical Guard Force whatsapp account. No other use of cell phone is allowed. Tactical Guard Force also requires that each guard starting his service may check the cell phone right after booking-on to identify if there is a physical damage on it. If observed damage on cell phone it must be reported immediately right after booking-on duty. Any damage observed and reported 5 minutes after the guard’s book-on call will be considered as damage caused by guard himself. Therefore a guard who is starting its service must observe the cell phone first think after booking-on and report to Tactical Guard Force supervisor immediately within 5 minutes of starting/booking-on of his duty if a damage is observed. If the upcoming guard reports a damage on cell phone right after book-on duty then you will be responsible for the cell phone price and its damage repair cost therefore If you are ending your shifts you must hand over the Tactical Guard Force provided cell phone to upcoming guard and ensure that he receives it in undamaged condition.



Tactical Guard Force Client requires their all outgoing empty trailers to be physically checked by security guards operating at guardhouse at their sites. It is also required that security guard on duty must take picture of every Tactical Guard Force Client empty outbound trailer from the back showing its empty and forward it to Tactical Guard Force whatsapp account through Tactical Guard Force provided cell phone.

I understand the above stated security protocol and fully agree to comply with it and will check physically all Tactical Guard Force Client empty trailers going outbound. If I will notice that trailer is loaded, I will not allow the driver to leave unless driver present me with the paperwork and I will check and match the trailer number mentioned on paperwork and on trailer. I also understand and agree that I will take pictures of all empty outgoing Tactical Guard Force Client trailers from the back showing trailer is empty and will send it to Tactical Guard Force whatsapp account. If in any case Tactical Guard Force provided cellphone or whatsapp stops working I will notify the Tactical Guard Force Supervisor immediately by calling and speaking to him (no voicemail or text message). I agree if I fail to comply with the above stated requirements of checking the Tactical Guard Force Client empty trailers as required, I will be responsible for all financial loss which may occur to Tactical Guard Force Client due to my negligence. I agree and understand if any such financial loss occurs due to my negligence of not performing my duty as required as explained above, Tactical Guard Force reserves the right to take legal action against me in to recover the loss which may occur due to my negligence and for not following the above stated protocol as required.




Arriving late at work-place will result in salary deduction


  • 5 minutes late clock in at site will res ult 15 minutes pay deduction

  • 5 to 15 minutes late late clockin will result half hour pay deduction

  • 15 to 30 minutes late clock in wil result 1 hour pay deduction




If you turn off your data, Location or Terminate your app , your work hours will not counted as SWP APP will not be detected at which site you are working.

In order for the company to receive your complete shift hours successfully, you must keep your location and data on and do not terminate the app.Moreover, you are not supposed to leave the site without authorization or till you finish your shift. Failure to do so will not get paid for complete shift hours

I hereby understand and agree to comply with all above mentioned rules and regulations of Tactical Guard Force.



1. Leaving the job site without authorization from Tactical Guard Force Supervisor will result in penalty of $50.00 every time.

2. Not showing on site without confirmation of leave will be considered as quit without notice and will result in penalty of $200.00.

3. Taking sick leave without presenting doctors note within 7 days of leave will be considered as quit without notice and will result in penalty of $200.00.

4. Employee  found sleeping on work site will result in penalty of $40.00 every time.

5. Impolite attitude, being rude to public or client will result in penalty of $50.00 every time.

6. Bringing or consuming alcoholic beverages when on duty will result in penalty of $100.00 every time and may result in termination from work (Alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed on site during work time).

7. Bringing CD/DVD players or smoking in public area or using cell phone in front of client will result in penalty of $40.00 every time.

8. Allowing unauthorized persons or bringing friends or family at job site will result in a penalty of $50.00 each time plus any damage/loss occurred on the site.

9. Three times late arrival may result in termination of employment .

10. Cheating with Tactical Guard Force will result in penalty of $1,000.00 plus Tactical Guard Force will file misconduct form for him/her in Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

11. Employee  working at site without SECURITY marked uniform or SECURITY marking at its exterior will result in penalty of $50.00

Any of above mentioned misconduct if occurred may result in dismissal from work as well. If an employee’s remaining balance due is less than his/her penalty in that event to obtain full amount of penalty Tactical Guard Force can take legal action. The dues/charges for that legal action will also be added to the amount of employee’s  penalty.

I hereby understand and agree to comply with all above mentioned rules and regulations of Tactical Guard Force.


Fill Contractor Details
Contractor Agreement

Whereas the Corporation wishes to enter into a security services agreement with the Business, the purpose of which is to provide a program for the security guard services as set in this contract.

And Whereas the Business undertakes and agrees to provide security guard services, furnishing the needed equipment and supplies needed to maintain the security operation as required by the Corporation’s client.

Terms And Conditions of the Agreement:

    The cost of services described herein shall be in the amount of $____15_____ per hour per guard plus HST.
    (In order for a Business to charge HST, Business must have a registered HST account and must state their HST account number on the invoice).

    Services involve deployment of a licensed security guard who will maintain the operation as per Tactical Guard Force Security client’s requirement.
    Business is required to make sure the person covering the tactical guard force site must have security Uniform  as per specified by ministry of community  safety and correctional services also It is business responsibility to make sure the person covering tactical guard force site must have valid security Guard license.

    Service days and timings are variable and are based on Tactical client to client. Coverage days and timings will be updated to the Business in advance as per requirement.

    Tactical Guard Force Security, Service locations are all over GTA which includes Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, Toronto, Etobicoke, Markham, North York, Brampton, Vaughan, Concord, Mississauga and Milton; therefore service location will not be specific to one location only. Business will be notified in advance for coverage location, date and timing.

    Note: Tactical Guard Force Security has no control on service locations, dates and hours of its client’s therefore it cannot assign one specific service location, date and timings to its Business. As soon as Tactical receives the coverage requirements (location, date and timing) from its clients, it will offer the coverage schedule to its multiple Businesses and upon that interested Business will be issued the coverage schedule.

    Services will be billed and paid Semi-monthly. Businesses are required to send the invoices to the Tactical accounts department for processing. Invoices can be send via email, fax and by mail.
    Payment will be made by cheque, direct deposit or E-transfer only. In an occasion if Business cannot receive the payment via cheque, directly deposit or E-transfer into its bank, payment will be made in hand and a written acknowledgement will be required of payment being paid.

  6. Legal Responsibility
    As a subcontractor you will be responsible to ensure that your provided staff is legally entitled to work in canada, and possess require licencing to do the job.

    Tactical Guard  Force Security reserves the right to cancel the services immediately with written and/or verbal notice to its Business in an event if Tactical Contract with its client got canceled or the coverage is not required by Tactical client or incase if Tactical client is not satisfied with the Business services. Business services can also be canceled if unprofessional practice takes place which costs Tactical reputation.
    Business is required to provide prior 2 weeks written notice in an event where business wants to terminate the services.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT:   I hereby agree the above terms and conditions.

solemnly declare that the statements made in this application are true.